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Pendragon, meaning "head or chief dragon" a figurative title referring to status as a leader:

We are the leader



Past Speaking Engagements

ABC Solutions Inc.  
Money Laundering in Canada, Conference
Compliance Examinations Outcomes, Webcast

Canadian Institute, Conferences:
Annual Forum on Anti Money Laundering 
Forum on Domestic and Offshore Trusts
Mutual Funds
Payment Cards
Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions
Securities Dealers

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals CAAMP

Canadian Insurance Accountants Association (CIAA)

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA)

Canadian Security Association (CSA)

Credit Union Central of Canada, National Risk Management Council.

Credit Union Central of British Columbia

Credit Union Central of Ontario

Federated Press, Fraud in Financial Institutions

Federation of Independent Canadian Deposit Brokers (FDICB)

Financial Advisors Association of Canada (ADVOCIS)

Independent Financial Brokers of Canada (IFBC)

Infonex, Conferences:
Anti-Money Laundering 
Mutual Funds
Regulation of Financial Institutions

IIR, Regulation and Compliance for Financial Institutions

Insight, Compliance Regulations for Financial Institutions

Lexis Nexis Canada
A Risk Based Approach, Webcast

LOGiQ3 – Deposit Industry Professionals Conference

Money Laundering Alert, International Anti-Money Laundering Conference (Miami, Florida) 

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)

Ontario Real Estate Boards:
Kawatha Lakes
Parry Sound
York Region

Transparency International (Canada)

Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC)

VISA International

"Guidance in Uncertain Times"

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