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Pendragon, meaning "head or chief dragon" a figurative title referring to status as a leader:

We are the leader



Financial Crime, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, Embezzlement, Money Laundering and Terrorism all a fact of life in today’s world. 

The chances of your company becoming victim to criminal or terrorist activity is a distinct possibility.  The fallout from becoming a victim could include significant financial losses, caused by damage to your company’s reputation, reduced client confidence, and stock value.  Reputational risk also carries it’s own set of damaging consequences, such as having your company name hitting the headlines in the newspaper or on television news, reporting that your firm facilitated financial crime including money laundering and terrorist financing, the media is rarely interested in the fact your were used unwittingly.  You have an obligation to your company to have in place effective policies and procedures which reduce the risk of becoming a victim of criminal activity.


The Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) & Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations.

This federal legislation and associated regulations Place obligations on certain entities requiring them to put in place specific policies and procedures which become a significant a part of their everyday business operations, and which, by their very being are designed to deter the flow of criminal and terrorist funds through the Canadian Financial System.

Pendragon can provide a variety of consultation services and guidance on all of these issues, customized to suit your business.  We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the processes providing peace of mind that you are doing what it takes to prevent your firm from becoming a victim of criminal activity and that you are also meeting your obligations under the PCMLTFA and Regulations

Regulatory Compliance

The Financial Transactions & Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, (FINTRAC) is mandated under the PCMLTFA to ensure compliance with the Regulations, FINTRAC also have certain powers under the Act to assist  them in this function. They can administer monetary penalties for instances of non-compliance which can result in significant fines; and in more serious cases they have to power to provide Law Enforcement with information on instances of non-compliance which can lead to criminal charges being laid against you and your company. Pendragon can provide the necessary compliance guidance and assistance to protect you and your company from the possibility of either monetary penalties or criminal charges. 

"Guidance in Uncertain Times"

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