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Pendragon, meaning "head or chief dragon" a figurative title referring to status as a leader:

We are the leader



In today's world, crime and corruption are a part of our everyday lives, we read about it in the newspapers, we watch it on TV either, on the news or as entertainment on a myriad of TV Shows. Do we really believe these things are happening in our world or do we just accept them as something happening somewhere else but not in our neighborhood. Organized Crime is a reality and it permeates the world we live in.

Criminal activity by organized crime leads to money laundering and terrorist financing; as significant criminal activity is also being carried out by terrorist organizations as a means or raising funds to finance terrorist acts. It is just a matter of time before a terrorist organization conducts another dramatic outrage on North American soil.

These links will take you to the latest news in the world of Organized Crime, Corruption, Terrorism, Gangs and Drug Cartels.

Organized Crime

Greed and Corruption

News and Information on Crime in
Canada and Around the World from "Prime Time Crime"


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